About Lifestyle Suite Rome

Let yourself be surprised by the transformation of a palace dating back to 1440 into a modern and charming boutique hotel, where you will enjoy an unforgettable stay in the historic centre of Rome, a World Heritage Site.

Lifestyle Suites Roma: a place full of magic and history
We take care of every detail

Luxury Experience & Lifestyle

Impeccable personalised service and a fabulous location in the picturesque Piazza Navona are the main attractions of Lifestyle Suites Rome. We will help you with everything you need, even the steps prior to booking. We want to surprise you and leave an indelible memory in your mind. Discover all our extra services, from personal trainer to limousine service, you will be surprised!

Luxury and exclusivity in the heart of Rome

Customised Service

A personal concierge service, the Lifestyle Team, which takes care of the client from the first moment of booking, after studying and getting to know the reason for your trip, will offer you proposals and services to increase your expectations and create a unique and unforgettable stay.


Design, Decoration and Technology

Our suites are designed and produced by the owner, architect Giovanna Guarino, exclusively for Lifestyle. Characterised by a classic contemporary style and accompanied by modern high-tech facilities, they make this place a unique concept of exclusivity.

A palace from 1440

Lifestyle History and Piazza Navona

With an unrivalled location, you'll be left speechless as you look out of the window of one of the city's most important historic buildings and are greeted by a spectacular view of Piazza Navona. What was once a palace for the Spanish nobility in 1440 is now a modern hotel that has lost none of its charm. A place you will fall in love with and that will allow you to experience a dream holiday in the historic centre of Rome.

A fascinating place, full of magic and history

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